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Bhutan battles to protect territory

Taipei Times 08 Dec 2021
As Bhutan prepares for border talks with Beijing, the ... In 2017, India’s military intervened on Bhutan’s behalf to stop China from building a road in the disputed area overlooking a narrow strip of land that connects India’s northeastern states with the rest of the country.

Misconceptions surrounding honey production

Kuensel 04 Dec 2021
Modern beekeeping started in Bumthang from 1986 onwards and this venture is gaining momentum in some selected parts of Bhutan ... There are various types of bees in Bhutan but six of ... The honey sold by the farmers of Bumthang and Beekeepers Cooperative of Bhutan (BECoB) is pure.

Development of national interpretation for high conservation values approach

Kuensel 03 Dec 2021
The inception meeting on the development of the HCV National Interpretation of Bhutan was held on November 30 ... The project is being implemented by the WWF Bhutan and Tarayana Foundation in collaboration with the Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS) and the National Land Commission (NLC) Secretariat.

Pongchula international airport unlikely

Kuensel 27 Nov 2021
At the National Assembly’s question hour session yesterday, he said that the MoIC’s technical working group composed of officials from the National Land Commission (NLC), Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA), and Department of Air Transport (DoAT) is conducting a technical feasibility study.

The fruits of wisdom

Kuensel 27 Nov 2021
The project would ensure drinking and irrigation water to 72 households and bring 210 acres of dry land under cultivation ... This is a considerable feat given that our past experience in ensuring water for all purposes was a big challenge in water-rich Bhutan ... And in Bhutan given our scarce agricultural land, it is imperative in many ways.

The Constitutional Equation of the GNH

Kuensel 27 Nov 2021
The Government shall ensure that, in order to conserve the country’s natural resources and to prevent degradation of the ecosystem, a minimum of sixty percent of Bhutan’s total land shall be maintained under forest cover for all time (Article 5, section 3)” ... Kinga Tshering is a former member of Parliament of Bhutan and an engineer.

On the path of Buddha and his followers

Indian Express 26 Nov 2021
The two-millennia old, shared Buddhist religious and cultural legacy between Buddhism’s holy land India, and her seven Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) partner nations is an important historical narrative that connects all eight, however politically and culturally at odds they may be today.

TVET reform plan begins

Kuensel 23 Nov 2021
Topography studies of the technical training institutes for expansion, curriculum formulations, Training of Trainers (ToT) by master trainers from outside Bhutan and skills development programmes have begun as part of the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) reform plan ... As of today, around 13 master trainers were invited to Bhutan.

Connecting the Dots: UNDP projects connect land, energy and agriculture to protect the environment and build climate resilient livelihoods.

Reliefweb 22 Nov 2021
... infrastructure such as water systems in Colombia, climate-proofing rural settlements in Rwanda, connecting land management, soil conservation and agriculture with energy-saving solar and biogas systems in Ethiopia, and building more integrated National Adaptation Plans in Bhutan.

No legal basis to question the use of General Reserve: Finance Minister

Kuensel 22 Nov 2021
MB Subba ...Holding on to my sacred duty, I will rededicate my commitment to remain true to my King, Country, and the People of Bhutan within the provision of the law of the Land; should there be any lapses and shortcomings in the management of Government Treasury, I will remain accountable and the buck should stop with me,” he said. PDP’s response.

China’s New Border Law Only Aggravates the Sino-Indian Border Dispute

The Epoch Times 21 Nov 2021
... a new law on the protection and exploitation of the country's land border areas ... China shares land borders with 14 countries, but has unresolved border conflicts with Bhutan and India.

Heritage at Risk as urbanization spreads

Kuensel 20 Nov 2021
A mystical land of majestic mountains dotted with religious monuments like monasteries and choetens, fluttering prayer flags, towering dzongs overlooking lush green valleys. This is a typical description of Bhutan, as it was a long time ago ... Even the hills, once the tsamdros (grazing land) are not spared.

Retirement age of SEC raised to 70 yrs in Uttar Pradesh

The Times of India 20 Nov 2021
An official said that the land identified for the project is located close to Sarnath in Varanasi.

Images show China built second village in Arunachal

Deccan Chronicle 19 Nov 2021
... disputed territory with Bhutan as part of its salami tactics ... Meanwhile, @detresfa said that disputed land between Bhutan and China near Doklam shows construction activity between 2020-21, and China having built four villages spread through an area roughly 100 square kilometres.

Why is PM mum on China’s aggression, asks Congress

The Times of India 19 Nov 2021
... has built four villages in Bhutan next to Doklam and grabbed 100 square km land through illegal incursions.